Short Update for Friends About Novadays In Turkey

My friends from all over the world, We are not safe at all in Turkey we are just not dead yet like the other innocent people!   We had 8 major terrorist attacks since the beginning of 2016, which almost makes 1 or 2 attacks per month. Last night the 10th largest airport in the world had a serious terrorist attack with 36 people killed and many more injured. What is our government’s reaction to all of this? We had a broadcast ban right after the attack; our internet has been restricted so that we can’t be able to shout out or learn about the size of the damage. All TV channels are full of bunch of idiots who are the puppets of our president. Please be aware that we are terrified as hell and innocent people are dying because of nothing.

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Nisan 2nd 2018, 17:57

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